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Council Planning Officers require PPG24 noise surveys, at the planning application stage of a residential development; regardless of whether it’s the conversion of an existing building or a new build. As independent Environmental Health Officers, we can help you achieve planning permission through the assessment of your site and building proposals.


PPG24 noise assessments are requested because new dwellings can often be exposed to road traffic, rail and/or mechanical and commercial noise. A 24hour noise assessment is conducted in order to determine the Noise Exposure Category that the proposed property should fall into. The category determines the level of noise mitigation measures required in order to provide satisfactory noise protection to the dwelling’s inhabitants.


An assessment is then carried out to determine the suitability of the land for housing. This is done by identifying Noise Exposure Categories for various types of noise source which have the following implications:


• NEC A Noise need not be considered as a determining factor in granting planning permission, although the noise level at the high end of the category should not be regarded as a desirable level.

• NEC B Noise should be taken into account when determining planning applications and, where appropriate, conditions imposed to ensure an adequate level of protection against noise.

• NEC C Planning permission should not normally be granted. Where it is considered that permission should be given, for example because there are no alternative quieter sites available, conditions should be imposed to ensure a commensurate level of protection against noise.

• NEC D Planning permission should normally be refused.


Please contact us for further information and to discuss how we can help you gain planning permission.

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