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Noise and Acoustic specialists


We undertake professional noise surveys and acoustic reports to meet Local Authority requirements and for a whole variety of other situations. If you’re not sure what type of Noise Survey / Acoustic Report you need, then don’t worry, simply get in touch with us. We’re happy to offer free advice and can provide a no obligation quote to assist you.


• Residential - PPG24

Council Planning Officers usually require PPG24 noise surveys, which are environmental noise assessments, at the planning application stage of a residential development; regardless of whether it’s the conversion of an existing building or a new build. We can help you achieve planning permission through the assessment of your site and proposal of building material specifications as necessary.


• Noise Impact Assessments

We have experience in carrying out a range of noise impact assessments to satisfy the requirements of Local Authorities. All of our assessments are tailored to the individual Local Authorities requirements and designed to assess their specific conditions. Local authorities generally require the impact of proposals to be assessed against the existing background noise levels. These are typically measured over 48-hours. For example, new plant installations (air conditioning units, kitchen extractor fans etc.), allowable noise emissions are generally set to a maximum level of 5dB to 10dB below the minimum level of background noise.


• Plant Installation acoustic surveys

We undertake noise impact assessments assessing plant installation noise emissions such as restaurant kitchen extraction fans, office air conditioning units, factory step lifts and any other type of noise emitting source. Our assessment pays attention to the nearby noise sensitive receivers and documents their location.


• Commercial acoustic surveys

We work with architectural consultants and building engineers to design factories, garages, offices and retail space to achieve the optimum sound environment; whether it’s keeping sound in or indeed out!


• Places of Worship

We undertake acoustic reports within a number of temples, mosques, churches and other places of worship. This includes extensions for example, where kitchen facilities and extractor systems are being installed. We can assist with the required noise impact assessment whether you are planning to increase in size, alter the hours of worship, have received noise complaints or wish to move premises or want to set up a new location.


• Leisure and Entertainment

We deal with noise conditions relating to applications for caravan sites, bars, restaurants, as well as existing premises wishing to expand or solve noise issues.


• Noise at Work

As independent Environmental Health Officers, we can ensure compliance within the workplace of all health and safety regulations and European directives by undertaking a noise at work assessment. For example, we’ve provided this service within material recycling plants, music venues, festivals, warehouses and even tyre fitters. Our reports are clear, concise, factual and make suggestions where required. Our reports satisfy Environmental Health and Health & Safety Officers and crucially, ensure that the employee hearing is protected, in order that the risk of hearing damage is limited.



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